Data Structures and Algorithms

A Problem-Solving Process

Mar 192018

A computer programmer is somebody who converts computational problems into computational solutions. This is a “meta-problem”:

  • Given a problem, write a computer program which solves it.
    • Input: a problem statement.
    • Output: a computer program.

A computer can’t do this — writing programs requires insight and ingenuity.(1) But there are some systematic processes we can follow when writing programs, so most of the time we don’t have to hope for a “eureka!” moment.

Graph Problems

Mar 052018

Graphs and networks are useful because they’re very general — graphs show up almost everywhere. Given that there are so many different examples of graph structures, then, it’s perhaps surprising that there aren’t actually very many different kinds of problems involving graphs.

That is, there are many computing problems which graphs can help with, but not many kinds of problem. Usually, after translating from the problem domain into the language of graphs, the problem turns out to be one of a relatively small number of “classical graph problems”.


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